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The Brand

Our brand is based on solid values of family and care. And to the glorious handcraft tradition of Made in Italy. We know that what we do is meaningful for people, because it preserves and leaves to the next generations a trace of the quality of our love to our love once and our future love once. A trace of the beginning of a story, of a journey.

Also we are conscious of the worldwide conditions today, and we want to join a sustainable movement. Our journey for sustainability is constant and we promise ourselves as a vision of this branch of Graphistudio to be entirely sustainable and ethical in all our products.

  • BRAND: Tramontina Collection
  • PRODUCT: Wedding Albums, Books, wall Arts and Boxes

What was the idea behind the product and how does it link to the brand foundations (story, position, personality, values)? We are two sisters from Italy, Alice and Lisa Tramontina. As young photographers, designers and creative directors we have put together our experience and understanding of the world to create this collection. We think this will be meaningful to people because the core value is care, and love, and that's why our slogan is MADE IT WITH LOVE. As photographers your role is to preserve special moments of people's lives and help them from the beginning of their journey to preserve it for the next generations. We started as wedding photographers at a young age, today we are mothers and wifes and we want to give something new to the world, The Motion of this engine is: “ I want my husband, my parents, my sons to know and to remember the quality of the love I have for them. How they help me grow and shape myself, discovering endless love every day of my life “. Beyond my life. Therefore, I want to inspire my future grandsons and



We want to create engagement with our clients, we want to make them feel part of a movement.
Therefore we want to create a physical magazine for multiple purposes: Be the first introduction to the collection, explain the why’s and how’s. Giving products information, teasing our audience with relevant cultural movements and trends. It will be accompanied by the physical order form under the shape of an
A la carte menu “ . To give a better look to the old fashion first approach to the order we will use which


We have been thinkin about a MAGAZINE | BROCHURE accompanied by an a la carte menu that will be our physical order form. We will deliver it with every order in Graphistudio.

The Magazine, that we will call THE MAG and it will be a monthly Issue. The information about the products will not change but we will talk about a topic every month and the colors of the graphics and cover will change every month based on the color palette and cultural trend and movements and pantone wise.


  • The Tramontina Collection App will provide information about all the products using also augmented reality for wall arts;
  • It will be used to create engagement with the client by teasing them with the movement DO IT WITH LOVE. There will be a menu section where clients will log in through their Graphistudio Account and share their photos and experiences with Tramontina collection products.
  • Another important section of the menu is “ MY MOODBOARDS” which is a space where we will provide colors and materials available for the collection, text with fonts and sizes, and clients will upload their photos and make a moodboard to create the wedding book with their couples. It will be saved in a project library they will be able to see.
  • The last section of the menu is VIDEO where we will display furter adv videos of the products, video tutorials and any other video about the collection. Clients will find those videos for download in their Graphistore account

MENU: Products - Tramontina & Me - My moodboards - Videos